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Tnfishrman 07-17-2006 03:08 AM

I have been wondering how to go about adding handle bar mount headlights to my sons Polaris Predator 90. Can anyone give me any insight on this? Thanks for any insight!

Spike99 07-17-2006 11:31 AM


Unfortunately the stator on the Polaris 90 brand only has a MAX output of 12V - 32 Watts. If you install a 1 x 35W light system, it will eventually drain the battery. If you install a 1 x 55W light system, it definately will drain the battery.

So, how does one install DRLs on a Polaris 90 brand? For more details of the different options, see below....

To install lights on our '03 Predator 90 (which is very simular to other 2 stroke 90 cc minis), here's how I'd do it again....

1 - Purchase 12V rated toggle switch.
2 - Purchase inline fuse.
3 - Purchase 12v MR-11/20W automotive fog lights.
4 - Purchase 12v MR-11 10W bulbs.
5 - With items from 1->4, install the parts.
6 - Use 2 x 20W bulbs in the factory lights. If it drains the battery, downgrade one bulb to 10W (see above 4).
7 - Run 1 x 10W and 1 x 20W bulbs. If it drains the battery too much, down grade both bulbs to 10W bulbs.
To allow tail light to use less power (thus allowing more power for front lights), replace rear bulb with LED bulb.

If wondering, we have 2 x 10W bulbs in our '03 Pred-90. For winter night time driving (only in our back yard), I upgrade only 1 bulb to 20W. Thus, staying under the MAX 32 watt limit.

For lots of pictures, surf:


If you want to run brighter lights (without draining the battery), contact folks who can provide a high output stator for your mini. Folks who come to mind are:
- Ricky Stator @
- An experienced electrician who can re-coil your factory stator. If installing a higher output stator, then a better regulator may be required. It depends if your regulator was built to take more input power.

For pictures of other sites with mini-Quad light info, surf:

1 - The above folks also sell "bolt on" kits and/or generic kits that can be installed on your battery based 90cc system. As a suggestion, always try only use lights that stay 80% under your stator/regulator's MAX output. Thus, reducing stress on the factory stator and remaining 20% can be used to re-charge the battery. The Pred-90 stator system has a output range of 32 - 38 Watts. Our first stator was 36 watts and our replacement stator is 32 watts. Each mini is different.
2 - Some folks like installing a single light (re: and others like dual front lights. For me, I like dual front lights much better. We replaced our original single light with dual front lights. Dual lights shine infront of the tires - where most young riders keep visual focus. A single light doesn't shine to the front wheel areas "as good".


If you plan to re-coil your own stator system, surf:

Note: If re-coiling, may want to ensure your stator can "pump out" 90 Watts of power. Thus, allow you to install 2 x 35W front lights, Tail Light, Brake light and still have power left over to charge your mini's battery. For example, create the same system located at:

Hope this info helps as well...


Spike99 07-17-2006 01:29 PM


As another option, although a little expensive, is to purchase the light assemblies from a '06 Pred-90. If you call a Polaris dealer, they will provide you the parts list and pricing.

Install both assemblies. Ground one of its wire to frame (frame ground). Take the other wire and connect into a 12 guage automotive wire. Run the wire to a manual off/on 12V swith, then run a 12 guage wire to an inline fuse, then connect the other side of the fuse to the "+" side of the battery. The inline fuse should be within 6" of the battery post.

For this kit, the part numbers are: Their kits are part number 2875769 (unconfirmed)
Polaris Dealer: 2875769 and it was in the new dealer part book as well.

I've been told the factory bulbs are 5W (very dim) bulbs. At best, they work as DRLs lights. However, some folks are replacing the factory bulb with Sylvain LL bulb - which are 16W. Info from another forum... "Sylvania bulb set number 921 ("LL", if you want the Long life version due to the always one mode of the lights). They are rated at 16 Watts per bulb as compared to the measely 5 Watts of the stockers."

This factory light assembly upgrade is more expensive then after market parts but if you plan to keep your Pred-90 for 5+ years, buying these parts might be worth it. And, it will have the same working headlight feature as the '06 Pred-90s.

Hope this helps as well...


Tnfishrman 07-26-2006 01:07 AM

Thanks for the useful info. Just curious if you know of any mount that I could buy to mount lights to Handlebars????

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