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knotheadracing 01-09-2005 03:49 PM

Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny
We race TRX 90's and they are far from out dated you just have to do a little more research to make them faster than the two stroke quads. My son is a two year champion on his TRX 90 and from watching the two stroke guys at the track his Trx 90 is much more dependable than any of the Eton,Kasea,Polarios and Xtreme .We have out run all the 90cc two strokes that we have raced against and also a couple of 94cc two strokes . So as I read in one of the post Quotes (The four stroke is for the weaklings ) you need think again cause the two stroke is having a hard time out running my sons four stroke . My sons TRX 90 for his first championship he was 8 yrs old ,it was bone stock and he raced it in the stock pee wee class and for his second championship he was 9 yrs old , it was fully modified to a 114cc ,dual a arm front suspention ,+2 rear swing arm, over sized carb,Big Gun pipe,Works shocks and lots of other trick stuff. So it is possible to make a four stoke mini that can compete with two stroke mini. Also part of you statment was correct it does take a good quad ,a good rider and i am not sure if I agree with the last one ,the luck thing . I would have to replace this with skill becuase luck is what it is if you only win sometimes :All Good:

212RACING 03-24-2005 01:46 AM

Re: Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny
no doubt the hondas are kicking tail on the atva circuit

go icracing team at macon ga.

Spike99 03-24-2005 10:55 AM

Re: Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny

Some people "feel" the Honda minis are out-dated because they don't have electric start. re: Only have pull cord starting. This is immediate strike one. Without this feature, it does give the immediate impression that it's "old technology - regardless how fast it goes".

A Performance Dealer wrote to me a few days ago stating that only 3% of his mini-sales are for "dedicated mini-quad racers". For 97% trail riders, minis don't need to be the fastest off the line or fasted down the trail. When a trail rider's parent purchases a mini, they focus on ease of controls, comfort, reliability, body style and many other deciding factors.

For years, I've been stating that "if Honda minis had electric start, they'd obtain immedate market gain. Re-take the losing market share that other more feature minis are taking away from them."

Today's minis are now starting to include Reverse (to me, this is a must for trail riders), starting to include double A-Arms, deeper suspensions and other advanced features. Hence, Honda will start to lose more sales percentages because of not making their current design better.

Soon, Honda will be forced to have a serious look at their current minis and be forced to upgrade. Upgrade to what the competition is forcing them to do in order to survive in a limited market. Hopefully, electric start will be one of their new features...

Perhaps one day, Honda will see the need for more features in their current design. They have high reliability (re: many say the Honda engine is near bullet proof), so why don't they make their minis even better? Add more "goodies" that "average Joe Trial driver" is looking for???

Just my 2 cents....


212RACING 03-25-2005 12:51 AM

Re: Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny
win on sunday sell on monday

racing,trails:its all the same way to many short comings
on the new(better) advanced models.this will be my sons 8th
year on a quad and there is no way that any newer model
out there is putting pressure on honda to come up with something better.the kids my son races with fathers and i just can't believe people are still pushing that lame idea that honda is outdated compared to the new quads out.
they all have shortcomings. i would rather have a kick starter on my kids but would never want elec. start.
(my kids starter is lighter,less expensive to replace,
doesn't lose charge,short out,can easily have a back-up on hand anywhere,and can be replaced in about 3 minutes)

Spike99 09-25-2005 11:54 AM

Re: Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny

I noticed the '06 TRX-90 NOW has electric start, better looking plastic and a few other cool features. Sorry, looks like they still have drum brakes, but they are foot controlled. Better brake control the others don't focus on. Electric start??? YES - finally!!!! Finally, Honda is focusing on better features.

If you are into Trail Riding, Honda TRX-90 could be the brand for you. Especially if you are looking for sealed tranny & sealed electrical system for water & mud playing. And, those who like the idea of "deep woods" reliability.


Hondude 02-11-2006 07:13 PM

Re: Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny
I agree the engine is old news but is one of the most durable and reliable engines on the market, plus parts are easy to get.

Just bought my daughter a TRX 90 2006 for Christmas, I added a big gun pipe, jetted, rev box, stator and it screams with me on it, and I am max weight (or close anyway hehe).

jinbeilai 02-26-2006 03:24 AM

Re: Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny
hehe, Honder sometimes becomes not in the first place in this field. However, the completed honda sales network and good after service and engine technology are still not old dated in mind. Many producers in world imitate styles, apperance of honda. It's a good proof.


Spike99 02-26-2006 03:54 PM

Re: Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny

In the old days, Honda TRX90 had "pull rope" as its starter. This turned many new buyers away. This is one of the main reasons I didn't buy a TRX90 for my son 4 years ago. Today, their TRX90 has electric start. All I can say is "it's about time".

Today, many mini brands have Reverse gear. Included or optional add-on. Trail riders want reverse gear. Other mini's are starting to come out with dual A-Arms. Thus, much better steering geometry over the rough bumps. If Honda corporation wants to gain market sales for their TRX90 model, they better start including reverse gear and double A-Arms. Without these 2 key features, Honda will continue to have the reputation of being "old technology". Especially for the trail riders who want these missing features.

Don't get me wrong. I grew up with Honda and find their 4 stroke engines are "near bullet proof". Especially in the water / crud trails. Love their sealed rear brake system as well. But from an engineering perspective, Honda TRX90 still lacks engineering features that many trail riders are asking for....


HUNTER99 12-13-2006 04:12 PM

Re: Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny
I am looking for a rev box for the 2006 trx 90. Where can I find one?

HUNTER99 12-13-2006 04:19 PM

Re: Trx 90 out dated? Thats funny
Where did you purchase the rev box for the 2006 trx 90?

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