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Dirt_Dont_Hurt 02-21-2007 06:20 PM

looking for some older dirtbikes50-80-100-125cc
vandiver2941 at or three 3 six 280 850zero
hopefully in nc or close by.

Not asking to be given these just good prices please.
Looking for a cheap two stroke that wouldnt take too much to get going. or 4 stroke I guess it dont really matter but the twos are faster. I am fixing these bikes and donating them to a home for troubled boys. My son Phillip is there, he is 13 and this place is really doing him some good. I was talking to the guy that runs this place and he rides also but has never had the money or the oportunity to let the kids ride. when you have 8 other boys besides your own 3 children the money dont go far! they asked us for $250 when we first brought Phillip down there so they could buy him the clothes they wanted him to wear and for purchasing his personal hygene items while he is there, Other than that these people live off of donations form churches and craft projects that the kids do. I have already donated 2 bikes a kawasaki KD80( I got from 99ncxj) Thanks!!! and a honda XR100. any riding gear that you may have cheap or would like to donate would be apreciated by these boys!!! I am NOT fixing and reselling these bikes these ARE DONATED to the boys home! any good leads on a small dirt bike would be appreciated! I know there are a hundred of these things laying arround garages and barns that are in the way I just need help finding them!
Darrin Vandiver

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