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GA_ZUKI 06-15-2003 10:14 PM

which kind of Plasma cutter do you use
i was able to use a miller 375 it worked for the most part good
miller says 3/8 is the max and some of my research has led me to belive 1/4 is more like it. we used it on 3/8 and it did ok but was not super clean 1/4 was perfect

i will need some thing to cut as thin as body parts and as thick as 3/8 very rarely would i have the need to cut 1/2
i have access to 220v 1 (single phase)
i also have air so i dont need a built in air system
i dont like he 70* handles
i have also found a table that i can hook up to a computer and have my own laser style cuttings at home

i have 5 that i have looked at miller, lincon, centry, hobart, and easb

the esab was on monster garage and the hobart does not look good enough.

the centry looks like a cheap brand
so i'm leaning towards the lincon and miller

here are the specs
miller 375 1300.00
Solid state design and Miller's reliable technology pack a ton of performance into the portable, 49 pound Spectrum 375 CutMate. This versatile power source adapts to the shop or work site by operating on either 115 or 230 volt AC power. This machine can cut 1/2 inch mild steel with a stand off, and can drag cut 3/8 inch mild steel. With new features such as the Pilot Arc Controller, Heavy-duty work clamp, and Ergonomic ICE-27C torch, the Spectrum 375 CutMate is the clear winner in its class.

SPECTRUM 625 1700.00

A portable plasma arc cutter that can produce a 5/8 inch quality cut, the Spectrum 625 has loads of features that make your cutting needs a breeze. The Spectrum's ICE-40C torch is ergonomically designed to increase comfort, and the safety trigger prevents accidental starts. Pilot Arc Controller improves tip life and maintains uninterrupted cutting.

Century 82050 1500.00

Plasma Cutter Features: Cuts Up To 1/2" Steel.- 1 Phase 60 HZ.- Weight 198 Lbs.- Primary Input: 208/230V.- Primary Amps: 66.6/60.2 - Output Amps: 50.- 25ft torch cable

This ESAB Plasma Cutter manually cuts 1/2 inch and severs 5/8 inch - powerful cutting performance

Output 35 amps @ 40% duty cycle

Input 208/230 vac 1ph. 50/60 Hz, 29/27 amps

Power factor 81%

Dimensions 6in.(156mm)w x 12in.(322mm)h x 14in.(362mm)

Weight 35 lbs.(16kg)

Air requirements 275 cfh at 80 psig

Manually cuts 5/8 inch and severs 3/4 inch - powerful cutting performance
30A/120V, 100% duty cycle-22A/120V

Output Current Range: 10 to 40 Amperes

Open Circuit Voltage: 290 VDC Nominal

Input @ 35A/120V: 208/230 VAC 1 ph. 50/60 Hz, 35/32 amps

Power Factor @ 40A Output: 76% (1 phase)

Efficiency @ 40A Output: 85% (typical)

Air Requirements: 250 cfh at 80 psig

Weight (less torch & work cable): 53 lbs.

The PowerCutTM 650 comes complete with everything you need: console, 25ft. PT-31XLPC torch, torch spare parts kit, air filter/regulator, input power cord with plug, 25ft. work cable with clamp. System arrives fully assembled and ready to cut.

Esab PCM-875 Plasma Cutter

DougO 06-16-2003 08:19 AM

Re: which kind of Plasma cutter do you use
the HTP MicroCut 380
HTP has GREAT customer service, and you cant beat this

from their site
"We guarantee it! Purchase a MicroCut 380 and try the machine for 90 days. If you are not completely satisfied with this amazing plasma cutter, send the unit back to us and we will refund your purchase price, no questions asked!"

rockrat 06-16-2003 08:30 AM

Re: which kind of Plasma cutter do you use
What kind of Price on that unit Doug...

GA_ZUKI 06-16-2003 05:24 PM

Re: which kind of Plasma cutter do you use
how did you find out about this

i called them
the lady i talked to new alot
asked me all the correct questions and it is just a bit bigger than the miller 375. so this one i think i will buy

MicroCut 380 900.00 plus 13.00 s/h
and the
MicroCut 625 1430.00 did not ask for the s/h

so i guess i will be getting one in 2 weeks
they said if we did a group purchase of 5 they would take 75.00 off the price
let me know i'm in if you want to

rockrat 06-16-2003 05:29 PM

Re: which kind of Plasma cutter do you use
HMMM guess I need to pump out a few more cages

DougO 06-16-2003 06:05 PM

Re: which kind of Plasma cutter do you use
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</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
how did you find out about this

[/ QUOTE ]

There was a showcase about it in one of the 4wd mags .. so I went to the web site, I sent a email for a catalog, that was jan or feb 02, I ordered the micro cut 380 and the mig 200 in June 02 with spare wire, mask, extra tips, and a bunch of other stuff it was about 2000 total shipped ... Though, I did get a GREAT deal when I got the Micro cut 380 .. think I paid low 600's.

Whats really nice about the 380, is its a smaller unit, so its very portable, that uses inverter technology(I sound like a salesman) to put out a good deal more power then a simular size machine. It cuts 3/8 with no problem, and breezes, for the most part, through 1/4 .. Just wish I had a steadier hand

What I really liked about them the best though, was the customer service .. I did all my buisness through email, never called them once, and everytime they took the time to write out full and complete answers to make sure I understood them and was getting what was best for me, no 1 liners, and they didnt blow it off like I was "window" shopping. This went on for about 6 weeks, with a email about every other day, before I finally ordered.

here is pic of 3/8 that I cut just after I got the machine

AxZuki 06-16-2003 08:07 PM

Re: which kind of Plasma cutter do you use
I use a Snap-On YA 2230. With a little practice you can cut 1/2", or write your name in a beer can and not burn the paint. I bought this used so I have no idea what a new one is worth. I don't think Snap-On makes these themselves, possibly Lincoln or Century. As long as you change the tips often it works great. Like I said it really shines on the small stuff, body panels, etc. But does very well on the big stuff also. Buy the biggest you can afford, you will be a lot more satisfied when you get to the thick cutting. Just my .02 worth.

rangerrick 06-16-2003 08:25 PM

Re: which kind of Plasma cutter do you use
I have a Lincoln I paid $1300 for last year. Used it about 30 minutes on Murphs trailor. For Sale $900.oo RR

sammi_davis 06-16-2003 10:49 PM

Re: which kind of Plasma cutter do you use
RR whats the model # on your linclon ? Any extra tips or anything ? I am interested in it . Pm me the specs or model # if you want , or post them here .

Shrock 06-16-2003 11:12 PM

Re: which kind of Plasma cutter do you use
Where is the HTP stuff made?

It looks a lot like this:

Be sure to compare consumable prices too.

I use a Hypertherm 380 and like it. Get one that has a recommended capacity that is one step thicker than what you will be cutting frequently.

Miller, Hypertherm, ESAB, Lincoln and Thermal Dynamics are all pretty safe bets.

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