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This new super strong yet lightweight rear end assembly is loaded with features such as larger Ford 9" type 1.165 diameter 27 spline chrome-moly flange axles as opposed to the small original 1.040 26 spline axles. It uses a larger and much more durable wheel bearing. It comes complete with a custom ARB Air Locker and uses the stronger Sidekick rear ring and pinion gears with your choice of 4.30, 4.62 or 5.12 gear ratios. The tubes are 3/16 wall dom. The assembly comes disc-brake-ready for use with your Samurai rotors and calipers. It is available in stock width or 2" or 4" wider than stock.

This super trick front axle assembly is the perfect combination of strength VS weight for the Suzuki Samurai and eliminates birfields! It utilizes Dana 44-type chrome moly axles and the 297X u-joints. It can be ordered in stock width as well as 2" or 4" wider. It includes either 4.62 or 5.12 gears and comes with Hy-Steer! It requires the use of your Samurai spindles, hubs, rotors, and calipers.

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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