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Yokohama Geolander M/T

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Hi I came over from the Suzuki board to try and get some input on these tires. My samurai only sees asphalt for a couple miles when I go out for a trail ride and sits in my garage till the next run so I'm looking for the best offroad tire. I currently have 29" TSL's on the zuk and so far have worked great but I'm moving up to a 31" and I'm thinking of trying something different. Trails range from muddy to rocks and everything inbetween. Also I don't want to spend more then $125.00 per tire. I know this is a directional tire and that keeps some people from getting them. The reviews I read said the rubber is soft which in turn makes the tires stick to everything, and in the mud they clean themselves out pretty well. What I'm worried about is the sidewall strength and tread depth. Tread life means nothing since it's not a daily driver. I would like to hear any feedback that anyone has on these tires or if I should just stick with the TSL's. Thank you!

Matt Schick
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you will be disappointed in them if you run swampers. stick with Interco.
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