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I just recently lifted my 92' wrangler and just yesterday I snapped the bolt holding the U-joint to the rear axle and needed to replace the yoke. When I went to the dealer I was told that there are 2 sizes for that yr. A 3.3 and a 3.8 ....My jeep happened to be the one with a 3.5 and I was wondering if I were able to switch to the larger yoke and for when I get a slip yoke eliminator kit and get a new driveshaft. Would this toughen up my rearend or is it not worth it?Thanx!


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You may not need to replace the yoke. You can drill out the dana35 rear bolt-and-strap design yoke to use a u-bolt retention method. THe u-bolts are way stronger, and are like $4. I have done this on the 90 axles on my 8YJ.

I forget the link, but go to my site

and the link to the info is on my jeep page.

Good luck

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