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Well for just being the average garage mechanic I finally got my tub swapped out and started up my jeep for the first time in over a month. I must say I am pround of myself that I didn't have anyones help (except for a few kind souls on here that gave me some helpful advice) putting it together. If it wasn't for this site I wouldn't have gained the knowledge I needed to do this. I still have to hook up the heater box controls, bolt in the seats and the roll bar, and find a rear tailgate, but it is at least running. My tranny (TF 904 or 999) is leaking more than it was before I cleaned up the underside. I think all the mud that was packed up around the pan and linkage was keeping it from leaking. Do you have to have a lifted vehicle to put a 727 in??? Do you need any special adaptors or not since I already have an auto. Just wondering since I had access to one at a decent cost. The motor will be the next project. I'm putting off painting it since I wanted to get all the mechanicals out of the way. It will just have to be black and maroon for awhile!!! I am going to herculine the tub in the next few weeks though. I have a Motorcraft 2100 sitting on the bench that I need to order an adaptor plate for. That damn computer controlled junk it has on it sucks! Thanks for everyones help!!!


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