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YJ Transfer case troubles

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I was wondering if anybody here has replaced the NP 231 Xfer case on a Jeep YJ. I was out wheelin the weekend and broke the yoke on the rear axle. The driveshaft then manged to destroy the muffler and tailshaft of the TC. After hours of labor I relized the main shaft in the case is bent and not usable. Wondering if anyone had similiar problems. Also can I remove the Transfer case without removing the Tranny? Looks like a new Transfer caseis in the order.


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you are looking at this the wrong way..... now is the PERFECT time to do a Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE) and CV driveshaft.
It should be cheaper than replacing the TC w/ another stocker, it replaces the output shaft, and the little Cone extension that the slip yoke requires... i did mine in the driveway... took all day, but i was not rushing. I actually did my SYE because I have a heavy right foot, i kept DESTROYING U-Joints. (like 1 a month, on a stock height Jeep. (9 months on the current one, still good, w/ a big lift)

Now is also a good time to spend those extra greenbacks for a Flowmaster

Good Luck

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SOA is right, that's the best soln but finding a used 231 and swapping it in is definitely the cheapest. Those SYE kits will cost you $600 with the CV driveshaft, I'll have one soon though.

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