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YJ to CJ windshield frame

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I have a YJ body on my '84 CJ-7, with the CJ windshield frame. I need to replace the frame, and found one off a '92 YJ. The seller informed me that I need all the windshield wiper guts along with the frame for it to work on my CJ. Is this correct? Also, can I use the windshield out of my CJ? Lastly, do I have to keep my CJ defroster set up, or can I get the set up off the wrangler and use it? He's selling me the frame and wiper guts for $100, which is a good deal if I need the guts anyway, but I never heard of anyone else mentioning that they needed the YJ set-up for the wipers to work. Any info would help cause I'm picking it up tomorrow.

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The YJ defroster is considerably different the the CJ. The defroster vents come through the dash. There are folks around who have installed a CJ dash in their YJ and made this work, so its possible, but I don't know the details.

You might be alot better off, since you already grafted the CJ windshield frame to your YJ tub, sticking with a CJ frame. Unless you aren't painting the YJ frame, its not going to save you much. You can get new steel CJ windshield frames for $120-$140 bucks... you could use your glass, wiper guts, etc. And it would pretty much be ready for paint.

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I've heard that the wiper guts from a YJ will NOT work in a CJ frame. In the 4WD hardware catalog, they even list different parts for YJ's versus CJ's. Did you already do the conversion (cut defroster holes) on the YJ tub for the CJ frame? If so, I,d stick to the CJ frame like the above post says. Otherwise you need to collect YJ defroster parts...I went through the same debate, as I'm currently putting a YJ tub on my 84 CJ-7.

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I just had a new winshield put into my yj and asked the guy the same question for my cj. If I remember right the yj winshield is smaller because its glued in and the cj has the rubber seal. Call your local shop just to make sure, I could have them vice versa.

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