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YJ Frontend Questions

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Been thinking about a limited slip in a 91 YJ. Need a little clarification from someone on just what happens with a limited slip. With an open dif, (stock) in 2WD the long (connected) axle shaft turns, the carrier turns, so does the drive shaft also turn? When you put it in 4WD, (vacuum lock engages) it performs like a regular open dif. If you put in a limited slip, Power Lok, Trac Lok or what-ever, in 2WD does it force the drive shaft to turn? Does the limited slip impart any load to the long axle shaft? What happens if you put in a locker? I see a lot of people going to Air Lockers, I'm not convinced they are that good an idea. Hard to get around a corner with a locker....
A lot of questions but looking for a compromise for a daily driver that I want to perform occasionally off-road including the Rubicon. Would appreciate any and all help.

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Most of the members of the club I'm in that have Wranglers run a Lockrite up front. About half of these are daily drivers. The only
problem any of them have had is some vibration at freeway speed, and this was cured by insuring that the front driveshaft was
perfectly straight and balanced.

On the stock Dana 30 with front vacuum disconnect, the front driveshaft does not turn in 2wd. It may turn if you install a limited slip, I don't have any experience with a limited slip in the front axle. Good Luck!!
Regarding the ARB air locker... It is hard to turn a corner with a front locker, which is the beauty of the ARB. Unlock, make the turn, then lock the diff again, all with the push of a button. Of course the down side is the price tag. If you can afford it, the ARB is supposed to be your best bet. Of course, many people have had good luck with a Lock Rite. (I think they make one for a model 30.) That's what I'm going to use, assuming I ever get my beast back on (or off) the road again. Good Luck,


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