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YJ buildup

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I know we just went thought the CJ buildup, now I'd like to try mine.
What I would really like to know is what is the best engine/trans/t-case combination? I don't want any adapters between anything. I also want to retain the front differential on the driver's side.

Mine is running pretty good right now but I'm looking to the time when somethings going to go bad and instead of rebuilding junk I'd rather upgrade.

87 wrangler - 258
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It's tough to make it bulletproof while still keeping the front diff on the driver side but you could go with a sbc 350 / 700R4 / 231C and still keep the front shaft on the driver side and with no adapters I think, but it would be nice to get a D300 under there.

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I have an 87 and this what I have done so far.
I picked up 78 Bronco axle which was the first year they went fullsize and 31 spline axle. The rear is a 9" and the front is a rev. cut 44 with disks. just like the Dana 30 you have. The only problem is I had to have the front retube with straight axle tubing. It's set up for coil and in 78 they molded he axle tube to the shape they needed, instead of welding them on the brackets. So you can't grind it straight, you have to retube. I paid $300 for retubing. AFA the tranny/t-case. I went with a np435 tranny with a 6.69 first gear and a np205 t/c. which is basiclly proof. I fits toghter pretty nicely. It's only off about an inch in total length.
Hope this helps...

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