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YJ Brake Bleeding

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I just completed lifting my 89' YJ with a skyjacker 2 inch lift kit. When
I finished the lift, I noticed that the brake lines needed to be replaced. I
bought skyjacker brakelines for the front and back. The back lines blead fine, however the front passenger does not have a continous flow of brake fluid when I attempt to bleed them with a vaccuum pump. The front drivers side just shows air (no fluid being pumped). The fluid level is fine. I also loosened the brake line to the caliper on the drivers side and it does drip brake fluid --- so the line should be ok. I noticed that the brake lines are not identical to the original YJ's -- the caliper's are connected with a rectangluar brass block to the brake line (the originals were a 3/4 circular block with a flat side). Has anyone had a simular experience?? I'll call sykjacker tommarrow, but I'm hopping to get the jeep on the road sooner...


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Yes, I had the same concerns. The aftermarket steel lines connect to the brake with a different end, but work the same. I haven't had any problems with mine... It was my first time bleeding, too... I replaced mine with Goodridge or something... (so many parts, so little time!)/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

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