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from off Camber Crawlers 4wd club in Wash DC

Here is a post from one of our members who is a congressinal aide
It is interesting stuff about the Forest service actions...
Feel free to pass it on.

Subject: [OCC_list] Energy SubCmte Oversight hearing

Normally, sub-committee hearings are not well attended by either
staff, press, or the public. This one was different. CSPAN even
broadcasted it
(maybe some of you saw me!).

The Secretary of Agriculture decided to "drop in" in what we think was a
ploy to
overwhelm the few Republicans that probably would have shown up, but the
Republicans got word of it and showed up in force. The following is a
list of
who was there and their positions:

Sen. Larry Craig R-ID, Energy Sub-Committee Chairman
Sen. Slade Gorton R-WA
Sen. Ben Nighthorse-Campbell R-CO
Sen. Gordon Smith R-OR
Sen. Craig Thomas R-WY
Sen. Frank Murkowski R-AK, Energy (full) Committee Chairman
(when he walked in, the greenies behind me moaned; later they called
him an
[censored] and I almost turned around to ask them what organization
they worked
for so that I could send them hate mail)
Sen. Conrad Burns R-MT
Sen. Don Nickles R-OK, Assistant Majority Leader
(when he walked in, I knew this was gonna be good. Although not an
member of the committee, as Assitant Majority Leader he is
automatically on
every committee)
Sen. Ron Wyden D-OR, Ranking Minority member of the subcommittee
Sen. Jeff Bingaman D-NM, Ranking Minority member of the full committee

Testifying were Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman, Under-Secretary
Lyons, Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck. My senator ripped them all

Some of the highlights include Sec. Glickman trying to compare Ruby
Ridge and
Waco to some greenies protesting a Forest Service timber sale, Sen.
threatening them with a smaller budget, Sen. Smith asking why the USFS
built a brand new building in Lakeview, OR (where I used to live) when
the USFS
killed the timber industry in that town, and all of the Republicans
that the Forest Service was mis-appropriating funds.

I've never seen Murkowski so pissed off (I think some things in our own
set him off earlier, but it helped his mood). He and the Secretary went
at it
at the top of their lungs. The Republicans felt that the President had
overstepped his boundaries, the "closed unless posted open" policy was
ridiculous, and Murkowski said that this administration had the worst
record in
history. Murkowski and Thomas both asked Dombeck how he planned to
manage these
new forest areas, and he didn't have an answer. So then they blatantly
asked if
they would be managed as wilderness, and all three of the panelists just
and hawed. The committee accused the administration of selling out to
extremist environmental movement, and Sen. Burns titled one of his
charts "Save
the Gore Campaign with 40 million acres of Wilderness."

Sen. Craig went into the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) that had
prepared for this initiative and how long it typically takes to
something like this. Dombeck answered anywhere from 2-6 years depending
on the
issue. So how can an EIS that covers ALL of the US National Forest have
through without anybody hearing about it, and how does it make sense
that such a
diverse set of forests be covered by ONE EIS???

Obviously they didn't just focus on roadless issue, but it was mentioned
many times, and none of the Senators were happy about it. The Democrats
make an effort to be nice, but the Republicans were pissed. The hearing
from 9:30 to almost 12:00 (with about an hour break for a vote). I
walked out
in a great mood and these Republican Senators just became my heroes. I
something will come of this.


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Keep us informed on the subject. As you can see from all the replies to the earlier post this is a HOT topic. If you can find more info on this EIS then let us know. It might help us when we get these rallies together. Thanks a lot.

Tim Springer
1980 CJ7

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hehe I was hoping to get some interest in the situation but I didn't expect this!!!!. I have e-mailed David Borum the person who actully wrote the letters and told him to come take a look at how his pen has inspired people. David is the landuse director of Southern Four Wheel drive and I also have been exchanging mail with Stefan Roth who is the Pres of Southern and lives not far from me. I see one of the posts people are contacting the mags and United's people. I'm hoping to Run into Dennis (United Pres) at this meeting tomorrow and tell them about the great responce you folks have given. I'm sure I will see David tomorrow and see what he thinks. This is what is really needed. It needs to hit the press. We need to wake up the public to the FACT that the GAGs are out of hand and about to shut them out of the Forest.
You guys need to keep this rolling. I'll pass on whatever comes to me. This site already passes this stuff on if you will look!
I saw that some one want to set up a website. That would be great!...keep brand loyalty out of this make it a sport loyalty site! Becides I drive a GMC and a Chevy hahaha.
Letters to your congress persons and Reresenatives!!!!!!!!! these go a long way! This is how the GAG's got the upper hand is they kept writing and we didn't. They got house wives and others who never even visit the forest writing thinking they are saving the world! You can mail a letter tomorrow! I will be delivering a leter by hand at this tomorrow. This DC thing is going to take much longer than that to happen! Get fired up and write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dombeck and the rest of the Greenie weenies in Gov will take notice when it takes a fork lift to drop off the mail on their desks! Go to the front pages of this site and read some of the colums. They have good info there and it's been there! there are links on how to find YOUR congress man. There are links to the FS. There are good people who have been trying to get you stired up writing on the contents every month you just missed it! Read Mr Dune! Read being Green! read it all! has been giving you this stuff for a long time. Make the Landuse forums a base camp so that all can see. That forum should be the busiest one here! Make it your first stop here every time you log on! Whats the point of exchanging tech info if you got no place to ride?????????????????????????????????


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I am very interested in know what if anything Sen. Don Nickles had to say about all of this???
In past experiences with him, he has been against hunting and off-roading near his home town in Okla.. I actually am one of the gov't personel trying to keep some of the things open that he wants closed. (I live and work in his home town).


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Grim, thanks for the positive comments. We'll keep this alive and hopefully we can get the web page up and hold a rally. It's too bad it took so long for us to decide to take action, but now that we have something started this could go a long way.

Tim Springer
1980 CJ7

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I too was wondering about that E.I.S. We only have until December 20th to comment & so far, I don't have a flippin' clue where any of these so-called "roadless" areas are! In the past, each parcel of land would have had it's own D.E.I.S. & the boundaries of said areas would have been published. Now, we're talkin' about 40 MILLION ACRES & nobody even knows where any of it is. What complete horse doodie (censor THAT)!


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/wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif Most people have NO IDEA just how much the lying, perverted, missile-secret-selling, scumbag in the white house has secretly signed as "Executive Orders". You would NEVER believe it. There is a web site on it, and it scares me. If he could JUST get those guns, your freedom would be OVER, and martial law would enable the sob to stay on as dictator. I cannot BELIEVE how congress has allowed this crap. It will take YEARS of Republican rule to rescind all the crap that that lying pervert has put into secret law./wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif

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