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I've been getting a lot of email over the last few years about folks trying to figure exactly what that old pile they have really is. While it's nice to know, it's also very important to know what it is when you have to scrounge up parts.
It also seemed that most of the emails were concerning the old Yamahas. And why not? Yamaha was the first company to come out with a full line of real dirt bikes for the masses.

Not exotic European stuff that required insiders knowledge to keep running, but low-cost, well built, reliable bikes that would keep running in spite of heavy-handed abuse and complete neglect in the maintenance department.

Numbers on the steering head gone? Don't worry. There are also numbers on the motor that can help you.
Lots of people learned to ride on the legendary Mini-Enduros, and thousands more cut their teeth on one or another version of the DT-1.

This guide covers most of the stuff from the late 60s up to 1980. There are a few models missing I guess, but after too many hours of scouring the manuals and the web, I figured there's enough here to help most of the folks out there who remain confused.

So have fun and let your fingers do the walking.
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