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hey folks,this is my first posting or what ever you call it.i recently put my deposit on my future rhino,i've yet to drive one.i'm selling two toys,01 r-1 and my honda four trax,i hope it's worth it.any commits from rhino owners would be greatly appreciated.

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Here at we love our Rhino. A few weekends ago we used our Rhino to herrow a field. The neighbor was also doing his with a Gator. It took him all day to do about a 1/4 of what we did in 3/4 of a day. He was pulling a 4' herrow at 3 MPH, but with the Rhino we were using a 6' herrow and could go over 7 MPH. It isn't very good in the snow since it is pretty heavy. Maybe if we got some bigger and better tires it would be. HMF makes an exhaust for it, they say 3 HP gain at low end, 4 HP gain at mid range, and a 5 HP gain on the top end. Also, since it is the same moter as the Grizzly, you can put a Grizzly CDI on it. One complaint, was the bed is too tall. It puts a lot more strain on your back if you try and load stuff into the bed. Also, the seat belt are a real pain. It takes two hands and some elbow grease to move the buckle on the strap.
Hope some of this stuff is usefull.

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I bought mine the same way.It had a few scratches from the dealor but I'm loving it.I needed a plug at 20 hours 'cause of a miss.Yours should have the steering box fix already.Oh,the gas cap leaks.It needs an o ring.No big deal get them to check it out.My wife uses it for yard work and loves it also.I'm checking into a small heater for it now.
40 hours on it so far.

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I've seen several on the Sand Dunes.
Becoming very popular.

Now it's custom paint, rollbars with tower speakers like on ski boats, mags, tires ect.

The cj5 foldable backseat fits perfectly if ya need more seats (facing backwards).
At least that's what everyone I talked to said their backseat was from.
Perhaps JC Whitless, and for about 2 bones with choice of color:
Or for about a bone and a half:
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