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I have never worked on a bike but was reading through the bikes manual and from what i understand the crankshaft is 3 peices. Is this correct. If so it should be possible to replace the one side correct. My crankshaft is currently bent on the right side (by the clutch) jsut about 1 inch. Its only off my a few hairs but off enough that it makes a grinding metal on metal sound most likely the bearing that i will also have to repalce. Is there any way to straighted a bent crankshaft?

I have been trying to find a crankshaft for this bike for a few weeks now. I can find one but not willing to pay 150 bucks for a 500 dollar bike. was wondering if anyone may have some parts or and idea of a shop that i could get one fairly cheap. Im not using the bike for racing or anything extreme other then riding back and forth on flat land so a used one that isnt bent should serve well for what i need. respond here or at my email...

[email protected]
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