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I have a few questions saved up.

theres two junk yards in town and one is closing up so i figure i should take advantage of it while its here. i dont want to buy new because im just going to trash these parts on the trails anyway.

I was wondering what years and models are parts universal for an 1987 Jeep Cherokee XJ?

Im looking at getting a few aftermarket 4.0L engine parts (air intake, header...) but most of them are advertised for 1990+
still fit?

Has anyone had any luck or know of a brush guard for a Toyota or land rover etc. that will fit the jeep?

Same with side steps? Im just looking for a very simple black step.
im thinking of getting one made at a local machine shop.

anyone replaced dash/console lights? anyone replaced with LEDS?

anyone replaced interior light with LED?

someone tried to break into my jeep with what looks like a screwdriver and now the door only opens from the inside.
do i have to get a new lock and key?

any ideas are appreciated
these forums rule.

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Your '87 is a lowport engine with the Renix system. The head and manifolds are different from the HO engines ('91 and newer). The renix system has more and sometimes different sensors and actuators than the later types.

The heads are exchangable as far as I know, but than you need to get rid of the EGR and vaclines which in some states can be a problem in case of smog laws.

You need a lock from another '87 or '88 to fit the mechanism in the door. Later types do not fit as some changes were made. Or change the lock and mechanism as a set.

Jeep Cherokee model info and years
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