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Tell me if I am out of line...

I have some CJ leaf springs and some DJ leaf springs and some stock XJ leaf springs.
The CJ & DJ have more arch than XJ.

Thinking - similar to the Dakota spring mod...

The CJ and DJ individual leaf is about same thicknes as the XJ
maybe then use main XJ leaf and couple of the XJ others together with a CJ or DJ leaf (or two), of correct length, to build a spring pack that provides 2" of lift.

The main leaf for each spring pack is different length. But some of the others are similar length.
Main problem I think of is that XJ center pin is not centered while the CJ and DJ center pin is.
Would it be a problem to drill another center pin hole in correct location? Will this make a weak spot in the spring (where it flexes at the orig hole)? (seems -yes)
Would it be better to cut off one end of the leaf (so distance to center pin is correct)? Will this cause problem because now thickness is not same at the ends? (seems this would be lesser evil)

The idea is born from fact that I can not afford to buy new lift springs and everything else required to lift a XJ more than 3" plus I have these CJ & DJ springs lying around using space.

What are some thoughts on pros and cons for this plan?
Am I way off base?


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I wouldn't redrill the center pin hole on the new leafs. Cutting excess off would probably be better. The only trick will be making sure each leaf is the same spring rate on each side in the pack. I would give it a try and hope for the best. Be prepared to take it all out and replace with the original if it doesn't work out.

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Would it be a problem to drill another center pin hole in correct location?

[/ QUOTE ]

dont redrill leaf packs, they WILL eventualy break. use the longest leafs you have and cut them to fit, youll have to cut just one side on the cj/dj leafs so they will then have offset pins. ive built a many packs this way including mixing centered and offset center pins , its n ot rocket science just go out and build some packs and see if they flex good and give you the height you want

I redrilled my dakota leaf packs (one of them at least) and it was an amateur mistake. One year later I am sagging almost as bad as where I started! Oh well.
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