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Well, I started my TJ flares on my Cj. Overall I am happy with them so far. I am kinda concerned about the front flare meeting the front of the fender. I don' think they look to well together.

I am glad that the tires will be covered now! :)

1997 TJ w/ 33's & 1984 CJ7 V8/35's


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I found an outfit in Texas who sold me a mixed set of Xeons for my CJ.
YJ rears and CJ fronts.
I was way past re-doing the metal near the rear of the fronts and I was able to cut out an extra two inches off the trailing bend of the rear well where more room is needed.
I hate the look of a rear tire with a larger diameter than the well.
A good compromise. Good thing my tailgate says "JEEP" or ya'd think it was a Wrangler from the rear.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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