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PICKERINGTON, Ohio-America's off-highway motorcyclists may be facing the
largest land closure in history, covering some 40 million acres within
thenational forest system, reports the American Motorcyclist

News accounts indicate that President Clinton is on the verge of announcing
a massive plan to ban a variety of legal activities on an area of
federallycontrolled lands equal in size to Virginia and West Virginia
combined. The closure would be imposed through an executive order, bypassing
the federal Wilderness Act that requires a congressional vote to eliminate
off-highway motorized recreation.

The scope of the proposal is clear from the numbers. Since the Wilderness
Act was passed 35 years ago, 100 million acres of land have been approved
for wilderness designation, which bans all commercial activities and all
motorized recreation. Reports published this week indicate that with this
executive order, the Clinton administration plans to add 40 million acres,
mostly in Western states, to the wild lands category, which is a notch down
from wilderness protection.

The details of the Clinton plan, which could be unveiled as early as next
week, haven't been revealed, so it's impossible to know exactly how much
land would be affected and which activities would be banned. However,
sources in the environmental movement have indicated they are hoping to
target off-highway recreation with the proposal.

"We are waiting to see exactly what, if anything, the administration
announces," said Robert Rasor, executive vice president of the AMA. "If the
reports are true, this executive order would represent a total repudiation
of the Wilderness Act.

"In the past," Rasor continued, "the merits of any wilderness legislation
had to be publicly debated, with all sides getting a chance to make their
case. We don't believe circumventing that process through an executive order
constitutes managing these lands in the public interest." The Clinton plan
could be as threatening to off-highway enthusiasts as an executive order
issued by President Nixon in 1972 and one proposed by President Carter in
the late '70s.

The Nixon order was the first to call for "control and direction" of
off-highway vehicle use on public lands. Environmentalists wanted to use
that proposal to ban all motorized recreation while studies were done to
determine whether off-highway vehicles were causing damage. Eventually,
Nixon agreed to leave the lands open.

Carter proposed an executive order that would have closed all public lands
to motorized recreation without public comment. But an outcry from AMA
members forced a change in the proposal.

Reports have indicated that Clinton is expected to be unveil his proposal
Wednesday, October 13, during a presidential visit to the George Washington
National Forest in Virginia.

to EMAIL Your Congressman or Senator.



POCATELLO, ID -- The Clinton administration's effort set aside almost 40
million acres of forest lands currently managed for traditional multiple-use
activities is misguided and unnecessary. Over 50 percent of this country's
timber lands already closed to vehicular access, mining, cattle ranching,
and responsible forestry. This effort by president Clinton and
vice-president Al Gore will lock-up vast segments of productive forest lands
to millions of Americans who like to hunt, fish, sightsee, or drive for

This directive is expected to close over 300,000 miles of the current
392,000 miles of forest roads open to the general public. Many major
recreation and sportsmen's groups who depend on these roads for various
outdoor activities including camping and off-highway vehicle recreation are
expected to strongly oppose this unfair plan.

Don Amador, the western regional representative of the Blue Ribbon
Coalition, says, "My biggest question for the Clinton administration is why
do you need to protect lands that you describe as pristine roadless areas if
these areas have roads and are currently being used by the American people
for traditional recreational activities and for supplying wood products for
home building?"

Clinton's directive is really a back-handed compliment to those of use who
advocate and practice responsible land-use ethics on lands that the
president wants to unnecessarily close. The administration is saying that
motorized recreationists who support and use designated trail systems in
these so-call 'roadless' areas are doing a great job because he has
identified said lands as having high resource values, Amador continues.

The Blue Ribbon Coalition is proud of the fact that president Clinton has
noted that forest lands we recreate on have spectacular natural
characteristics and values. However, we disagree that the best way to
protect these lands is to put a locked gate at the entrance and tell people
that they are not welcome, Amador concludes.

The Blue Ribbon Coalition is a national non-profit 501 (c) (3) advocacy
group that champions responsible multiple-use recreation on public and
private lands. It represents over 550 businesses and organizations with
600,000 members.

For more info, visit the Blue Ribbon Coalition Website!

The BlueRibbon Coalition just received word that Chief Dombeck is expected
to announce his new travel management policy next Wednesday, October 13th.
U.S. Senator Larry Craig is seeking Congressional co-signers for a letter to
head off the possibility of a "Closed Unless Posted Open" policy.

Everyone interested in protecting access to Forest Service land should
immediately call both your Senators and your Representative - Congressional
switchboard #(202)224-3121 - and ask them to please co-sign Senator Larry
Craig's "US Forest Service Access Protection" letter. If your Senators or
Representative need additional information "they" should call Senator
Craig's office at (202)224-2752 and ask for Dan Whiting. If you use e-mail
to communicate with your legislators, please also phone them as well. You
can find information about your legislators at
<> .

This should all be self explanatory, but if "you" need additional
information, please call the BlueRibbon Coalition office at (208)233-6570.

The time is short, do not delay. Please make your calls right away and
distribute this notice to your networks.

The Craig letter mentioned above is available online to be viewed or printed
[Printing Tips]. Please ancourage your congresspersons to read it and

Tim T.

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Why post this junk here

We already have two other forums for this. Let's use some critical thinking on this issue. The roadless area moratorium applied ONLY to roadless areas! That is, areas where LEGAL roads did not already exist. The Forest Service was already treating these areas, identified in RARE 1 and 2 as roadless-but not designated as wilderness, by Congressional mandate. Yes, IT WAS ALREADY CLOSED!

Now this didn't mean that people couldn't log or mine. The designation allowed any activity that did not require permanent "system" roads. Skidding, cable yarding, helicopter sales, and prior mining claims all are legal and do happen. Instead of deceiving the general public about this, how about demanding that the forest service designate more ORV areas within LEGAL roaded areas?
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