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Posted by landuseorc on 03-09-2004 08:25 PM:
WV Lawmakers Pass ATV Bill

WV Lawmakers Pass ATV Bill
Ending Seven Years Of Debate

West Virginia finally has an

all-terrain vehicle safety law on the books after seven years of

legislative debate.

Governor Bob Wise signed the measure this afternoon at a Capitol

ceremony flanked by legislators, safety advocates and children.

Wise calls the legislation an important first step to protecting

West Virginia's youth. He says it puts safety regulations on the

books and leaves room for future governors and legislators to build

on its foundation.

The measure requires riders under 18 to take safety courses and

wear helmets on both public and private land, while barring those

without driver's licenses from carrying passengers.

Manufacturers say these provisions are worth enacting despite

grave concerns that the measure would authorize A-T-V drivers to

carry passengers and operate on paved roads, which they consider


The bill would restrict A-T-V use on some state roads while

allowing them on mostly backcountry roads that lack a painted

center line

West Virginia has the nation's highest A-T-V death rate, with 96

deaths since 2000.
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