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Here is a long story in a short verse! I have a 2000 F350 w/ 7.3 diesel. Engine has 170,000 miles and had a lot of power until I had to smog it!!(California). It would not pass smog and shop could not clear #8 injector code. I took it to Ford dealership who said we had the wrong pcm (aerostar pcm) installed? Could this have been a backyard horsepower upgrade of previous owner? Ford installed an aftermarket pcm and truck passed smog. For the next 1000 miles I had no power and burned a piston (I think!). Engine now has excess blowby and smoking constantly (white). Could Ford have put in the wrong pcm, causing my engine damage? I spent $1,500 at Ford to get this thing smogable!! Any opinion's on which way to go now would be greatly appreciated! Thanks:confused:
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