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Has anyone put a Wrangler tub on a CJ-7 frame, if so how did it mount up?
Did the body mounts match up? if so how many? I heard a few mounts don't
quite match up but a most do and that isn't hard to fix the ones that don't match up.
If anyone one has any input I would greatly appreciate it



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Elusive has done it.. the ones under the door way dont match up... you can just put a piece of flat steel across there and redrill them.. not sure if there is more to it than that.. you would have to ask Elusive.

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Many of us have done this...

In addition to jeepskate site, check out mine, particularly if interested in using a CJ Tailgate.


The mounts immediately in front of the rear tires do not line up. You have 2 choices, move the mounts on the frame, or drill a new hole in the tub. Also the mounts on the rear cross member do not line up. The need to be moved out about 3/4", a die grinder will do this... I had to replace my rear crossmember so I just relocated the holes..

Minor issues with the dash mounting holes. The Defroster will need some attention.

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