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Worthless Goo

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Well seems my Advance Auto Store now only carries a silicone made by a company called VersaChem so it looked equal to the Permatex band
and i bought it,it was the ultra copper high temp stuff.Well any of you that know how Permatex sets up knows it skins quickly,and if left
over night will be like a flexable piece of rubber by morning,well this stuff i bought sat over night,over 13 hrs,till next day and you could hardly
tell the difference between it and what was still in the tube,so i read the package and found it said 24 hours for full cure,thought ok.
well its been 3 days and nights and it still isnt setup like rubber.You can actually squish a piece of the semi hardended stuff between your
fingers and still it acts like it is only a few hours old.So now its pulling the 258 valve cover and redoing with Permatex,the good stuff.
Bad batch? all bad? i dont know,but least this tube was worthless,just a warning that it all isnt created the same..
Give me Permatex!,or give me death.! hmmm,guess that was a bit strong,but not when you have to redo it sure dont feel to strong! !

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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif I do believe that stuff is for high temp THREAD it won't sieze up. We used a product on pipe thread that was based on a similar type of copper emulsion. Boy....was that crap ever expensive./wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif

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I thought Permatex Ultra Copper was the RTV that was safe for stuff like O2 sensors.
If you use regular blue RTV gasket maker on an engine with an O2 sensor, and the PCV delivers the fumes to the combustion chamber, the O2 sensor is toast in a heart beat!
I've scrapped several in just such a fashion.
Assemble the engine, and then find out the customer has changed his mind, and puts a Rich/ Lean monitor on it or a fuel injection system on it... Suddenly, I'm chasing ghosts...
Just enough to keep the corners of the intake end rail gasket form leaking is enough to kill the O2 sensor good!
And those fumes seem to linger for ever...

Here is a dirty trick, squirt a little blue goop in the air intake of someone you don't like..... and wait.....

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No,this was a hi temp ultra copper type silicone that they described just like Permatex does.says it is made for valve covers etc.Also
says fully cured within 24 hours,still hasnt unless there idea of curing is way different than any other permatex or any other silicone i have ever saw..I used Ultra copper Permatex
brand on same valve cover,no gasket, over a year ago and it held all this time but developed a leak in one small area recently so i thought i would redo it before summer got into full swing.This tuff is just crap

My $.02
Just a bad batch. We got 6 cases of silicone of ******* that was bad. I've used this brand for years (& still do) and it works great.(twice the money of permatex) Never a problem before or after. Ask for a refund and see if the'll help you. Maybe give them a "test sample". I know we compensated all of our customers with a spare for their troubles.

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Twice the money of Permatex? this stuff is cheaper than Permatex that i bought,bad batch or not,ill buy Permatex from now on as in
20 some odd years,i have never had anything from Permatex bad.But it figures anyway,about 75% of all rebuilt parts friends buy there
go bad in the first month and the other 25% within a year.I would sure like to tour some of these rebuilder shops/factories/plants/backyard
garage's whatever..

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