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What's up all? I'm callin from Central AL...Now, growing up, when the odyssey first came out, my father rolled one home out of the blue. I had never seen anything like brother and I had ATV's, but nothing like this beast! The engine was so loud compared to my 225 MOTO4 yamaha (four stroke). I was only about 6 or so, so I couldn't drive it yet...but that didn't keep me from sneaking into the pilot's seat to imagine I was.

Well, family fell on hard times (real estate drop in the late 80's/early 90's) and my dad had to sale/trade the odyssey off for services/money. Don't see any of them around here anymore, mainly b/c anyone that owns an atv just has a 4wd mainly for hunting.

To the questions. I am REALLY considering picking myself up a pilot, but am worried about the 2-stroke factor. Granted, they have been around forever, I'm aware...but I have heard (possibly from non-informed ppl) that on their two stroke bikes, if they spent too much time riding them gingerly, they would foul out the plugs. Also, I read everyone's blogs and posts about reeds, polishing, blah blah...I konw nothing about two stroke engines, aside from the basic function of the cylinders, etc.

Now, I am sure that I will have my foot in the carb as often as possible, but nowhere near as if I were dune riding, b/c we mainly have trails out here, nothing wide open and expansive.

Does it seem feasible that I could enjoy a machine like this, or should I stick to something four stroke? I have dreamt of having one of these ever since Dad got rid of his, but I don't want to spend $5k plus for something that I am going to spend more time fixing than enjoying.

Thanks for listening to the long breakdown!

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2 strokes are not bad

You should not be afraid of a 2 stroke motor, they really don't foul plugs that often if they are not set up correctly, and if they are set up correctly, like I had my 2003 CR 250R dirt bike I went through a plug about every 6 months and I rode every sunday I had the chance. I was always sure to take a spare plug with me so if i needed to change one on the trail i could. this came in handy once, and only once. Also I rode my 03 for 3 years without replacing the piston. It just did not needed it. When it came time to replace it, there was really nothing to it, unlike a 4 stroke.

When you keep your foot on the gas you rarely foul plugs that bad when your not jetted right. Get the right jetting and you will be good to go.
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