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Posted: 10/13/2009

Good Afternoon

My name is Rick Coyne , My son Corey Coyne has been racing the Worcs Series sense it first started back when he was on 80's. He loves racing and the Worcs Series is his favorite although over the years a few injuries have detoured him from getting to some of the races. He now races the open amateur class (#721). He was practicing at Paris Raceway in Southern California just over a week ago and crashed fracturing the 5th vertebrae in his neck. He had surgery and it went well. He can move his arms some and his left leg and seems to be getting a little better every day. We are praying and confidant that he will make a full recovery. If you have any information or can direct me to how I can get this out to the motorcycle community to help Corey in any way please let me know . Prayers are very much appreciated.

Thank You Rick Coyne

[email protected]
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