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woo hoo! she\'s out of the shop

FINALLY! My YJ's home again. I'd tried to install a RoughCountry 3" lift in my '95. Well.... w/o air, torches, etc, the frozen fasteners got the better of me & I took her into the shop to finish the install & figured while she was there I'd have 'em add another inch w/shackles & install 4.56's w/a rear Powertrax NoSlip. Little did I know there was a horrible backlog on parts & that the friggin gears would take a month to come in. Anywho....

Man, do those 31's look tiny under that thing. Plus, with the 4.56's, she's WAY over-geared. 2nd gear is now deeper than 1st used to be. Plus, my speedo's reading about 20mph too fast at 55mph. The shop is too cool. Very friendly, 'old school' kind of shop. Owner says he knows a few folks lookin at getting new 31's, so we're gonna work something out on him getting me some 33's & moving my 31" Pro Comp MT's. Need some real rubber under there.

So far, so good. Rides as well as stock, if maybe a bit bouncier. No steering vagueness or wandering. Then again, I just picked her up tonite & only able to drive on wet pavement. Can't wait till the weekend!

Couple of questions. The brake pedal feels real mushy. The brakes work fine, but very little pedal feel. Normal? Master cylinder going south? How about tires? This is my daily driver, so I want capable off-road performance as well as tolerable on-road manners. I was leaning toward TSL radials. What do y'all think? General Grabber M/T's? Bridgestone Dueller M/T's? Wild Country? Kelly? BFG? Anywho, aprreciate any advice. Thanx.

'95YJ, 6cyl, 5spd, 4" lift, 31's (for now), 4.56's & a rear locker
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