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Wolf Pen Gap ATV Trails Near Mena, Arkansas

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Wolf Pen Gap ATV Trails Near Mena, Arkansas is a great place for 4 wheelers, Kawasaki Mules (thats what we have :)), dirt bikes, horses, jeeps, live mules, etc. Miles and miles of easy to difficult trails, creeks and waterfalls (after a rain) thru the Ouachita mountains. Also tons of county dirt roads you can ride on. Nearby cabins to rent, campgrounds, swimming holes and more! The rattlesnakes are out so be careful but have fun!
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My family and I are planning a trip to Wolf Pen Gap in Mena, AR, in late June. I am a novice rider (CRF 150) and I have a 6 year old daughter, she rides a CRF50. I am concerned that the trails will be too hard for the two of us, my husband and son should have no problems. Do you have any advice about the trails in Wolf Pen Gap, will they be too hard for us?
Same question - is this area still open, anyone been there recently?

Any pix of this area? Curious what the terrain and trails look like.

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