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I have an 84 720 4x4 and I recently had a battery go bad. I bought a
new battery(not the sealed kind) and about a day later it started
leaking acid. So I then replaced the Alt. because it was charging about
23 volts(voltage reg.). I took the battery back and got a sealed
battery and they checked the alt. and it was charging fine. They
couldnt figure out why it was leaking. Anyway my ? is when I turn my
left or right blinkers on my volt meter drops about 3 volts every time they blink, is it that
normal? When I turn my headlights on it barely moves. Could my wiring
to my blinkers be my problem?


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You may want to check for a bad ground also check the bulb socket to make shure they are clean and rust free ther then that when you use the blinkers it does cause a voltage drop more so if you have alot of accesories on just to let you Know I've noticed on mine the stock Alternator Doesn't seem to push enouph amp for the power demands in the truck ...I'm thinking of converting mine to a chevy style alternator so I can get a bigger rated alternater like 100 amp vs the little 35 amp alternater thats in there now (I think that's what it is ..or is it 60 Amp....) anyhow the stock alternater Doesn't push enoyuph amps for my taste


1984 Nissan King Cab 4x4
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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