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Wiring a CJ7

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I'm going to replace my CJ7's factory wiring since I'm going to install a new fiberglass tub. I was wondering since I was going to make up a custom dash ( with custom Speedo and all guages, thinking about some of the Phantom guages ) sould I get the factory predetermined harness or the harness you put together from painless wiring. Would the hookups on the factory predetermined harness hook up to aftermarket guages? I really don't want to go through the hassle of getting the harness thats complete and you have to put together if I can get away with the predtermined one. Also has anyone out there used one of those painless wiring harnesses with a new glass tub? Was it hard to install? Is there a better one out on the market? What should I expect to pay? About $350 seems to be the ballpark figure so far for a harness. Thanks

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I got the non preterminated painless from 4 wheel wholesalers for $290 and I did the custom dash with phantom gauges. I don't have fiberglass but the harness and gauges are great.

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