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OK. Did the search, no luck. Any one have an illustration on how to access and replace wiper linkages on a CJ? LEVE posted picture 1-14-03 but I couldn't open the picture. My linkages are worn enough to cause a delay at both ends of travel making a clunking noise as it re-engages and have recently started to bind. The previous owner glued an after market dash to the stock one that may have to be busted off to access the wiper motor.
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1. That picture isn't going to help you,
2. You need to take apart the linkage assembly,
3. Start by: [*]removing the clips around the wiper shafts on the OUTSIDE of the windshield, [*]Remove the windshiled wiper motor from the windshield frame. [*]Remove the windield linkage access panels from the windshield frame. [*]Remove the clips on the linkage, [*]Pull apart the linkage assembly, [*] Remove the motor and it's link, [*]Remove all the rest of the stuff.
4. Now wasn't that simple?

5. Make sure the shafts aren't scored,
6. Make sure the shafts - windshield bearings are well lubed.
7. Make sure the windshield frame is not deformed by,
8. Binding linkages,
9. If it is, you'll have to:[*]Repair/Stiffen the metal frame,[*]Replace the frame.
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