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wipers dont return

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well it finally rained in tucson and the wipers work but dont return to starting position when turn off. i havnt investigated yet but looking for any opinions. certainly this cant be normal for the jeep?

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Take it apart and you'll probably find that the contact for returning the blades to the stored position is bad. If your wipers work
normally other than the store position there generally is no other fix than to replace the motor. I drove my first jeep for a couple
of years manually storing them with the wiper switch.

if the linkage is like a cj, with the arms that move your wipers inside the bottom of your windshield, it could be that the joints inside your windshield are loose and jamming. mine does it. so far i just use rainx or reach around when i'm driving and un jam them. since it does jam all the time. if you wiper motor is on, and your wiper switch is on. check for heat builup from your wiper motor. of its real hot. thats your problem.

My wipers don't always park themselves either but for me it's in the switch. If I turn the switch as far
as it will go counterclockwise, they won't park. If I turn it back just a little clockwise (not quite to the
on position), they park just fine.

Heck, boys, thats CHARACTER! Why would you want to fix that???


1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 Laramie SLT Sport Plus--5.9L 360, auto, 3.92s, antispin, BFG A/Ts.
yea you're right! character it is! it really isn't a big deal to me as i am in tucson with 12" annual rain and don't drive jeep in foul weather much. i havn't spent any time on this problem but thought i'd put it out there for response. thanks guys and all suggestions noted.
yee haa

a little story about my wipers.....
once upona time my wipers would work for 5-10 min and then just stop(about the time it REALLY started raining).well i said...hmmm switch is bad... replaced it no help....hmmmlinkage is thats a PITA, but i replaced it, breaking the windshield in the process when i lowerd the frame on the wiper motor cover i laid on the help..hmmmm wiper motor..replaced it.. no helpthen i noticed that my windshield frame is the only part on my jeep that isn't fiberglass, and the wipers actually bend the frame a bit as they go back and forth, so i hammered on the part wherethe go into the frame to straighten them out...stilkl no help...that was a couple years ago...maybe I'll try again this year...

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
Two things usually are the cause on early YJs, linkage that is jammed by debris in the windshield such as a lighter that fell forward of the dash pad, or a weak/cracked windshield frame (CJs also). The former requires you to lower the windshield and remove the obstruction. If you let it go to long, the motor will fry as it is constantly trying to park! If the frame is tweaked, or cracked, it will require replacement, luckily, the early YJs ('87-early '89)have a factory recall (#273T) to replace the linkage with revised parts and add a reinforcement to the frame. The factory will cover a new frame and paint it, only if it is cracked, and they don't cover a new motor if it is dead. If I were you, I would check your local dealer to see if it has already been done, or if it is still outstanding.
Hope this helps, good luck!

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