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Windshield Wipers...

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I need some ideas.
My CJ8 windshield wipers just won't clean off the windshield. I've put on new blades, and installed new arms (good springs), and they just won't wipe off all the moisture - and leave streaks.
Anyone else with the same problem? Any solutions? Any double- or triple- blade replacements in a size for Jeeps (CJ models)? Thanks

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1. Email JoJo, he's modified his CJ7 wipers so that the springs clamp the wiper harder to the winshield. The process is involved, but workable.
2. 4WDrive hardware has "Helper" springs that fit on the OEM wiper arm and provides additional power to clamp down on the arm. The cost is about $10 for a set.

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rain-x works good too. most of the time i don't need my wipers in the rain.

A friend that I go rockclimbing with works as a manager at a car detail shop in Cumming, GA. He mentioned that a buffing compound can be put on the windshield and then it can be buffed smooth. He did his 88 toyata cellica windshield and the water just rolled off like one of those wax products you always hear about. Look into a car detailing shop near you and ask about buffing the windshield.

Good Luck!

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