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I have an 88YJ and would like to control the wind noise and cold around the windshield. Last winter I ran w/o the roll bars that attach to the windshield. I had a large gap that would allow blowing snow in while on extended highway trips during snow. This year I have the bars attached and the hardtop fits better. I know the dealer sells a weatherproof strip but I can only imagine that the price will be inflated. I was thinking of going to a hardware store for some weatherproof foam strips.
What size strips would I get?
And would they attach along the top of the windshield channel where the bracket for the soft top would attach?


Cutch 88YJ

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I used some 1" wide weather stripping that is designed to go between a pickup bed and a topper. I put it in the groove on the top itself. This way when the top is off there isn't an ugly grey strip along the top of the window. It kept the rain, cold and snow out for me. The only problem I had was a leak at the corners where the door seals. I just stuffed a few pieces of foam up in there to seal it. The stripping is cheap and I got it at a local hardware store.

Nick Hagen
1995 Wrangler
33" Mud Tires and a four banger
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