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My cousin has a '59 CJ. What windshield frames will swap to this year model? He needs a unit that has wipers and motor mounted on the frame. I saw a '73 CJ5 with a Wrangler frame that bolted right on. Also does anyone have links to a site for steering column swaps?


85 CJ7-4.2L,T-176,D300,2.5"lift,32"BFG MT,Durabak,York-Air,HEI

Tom, I'm not sure about this but I've been checking out steering columns for my 74 CJ5 and so far the best match I've found is from a mid 80's Monza. The columns came with tilt, are shorter so they'll fit well (collapsable too in case it's still too long) and requires no adapters to fit the stock configuration. I'm still going to have to fabricate a connector to the dash area, but that's minor.

Carl, Tampa, FL, 74 CJ-5
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