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Windshield frame replacement issues

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Hi gang,

Just took my replacement windshield frame out of the box, and IMO it is a piece of crap.

There is an outside and an inside piece of sheet metal (with respect to the jeep itself) welded together. In between them are flat plates about 3/8" thick with all the tapped holes that the various bolts go into.

Well, the tapped holes in the plates aren't even close to lining up with the holes in the sheet metal pieces. As is, there is no way you could screw in a hinge bolt, the tapped holes are halfway below the edge of the holes in the outside sheet metal parts. The other holes are like this as well, but not as bad. I have NOT measured anything yet.

Anyway, I ordered it from jcwhitney and it is an OMIX-ADA frame. Which seems to be a popular body part manufacturer.

My options are:
1) Measure and see if the tapped holes are correct, I can live with opening up some sheet metal holes.

2) Return it and buy a frame from a different maunufacturer, anyone have any suggestions on that?

3) Measure and see if the tapped holes are off, try and bend them back into place, which I doubt I would actually do (see option 2).

Anyone with any experience or advice, I would love to hear it.

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Does the plate with the tapped holes "float" inside the frame and simply need to be moved into position with the holes in the sheetmetal? Sorry, if this sounds dumb.
I agree with Tim the plate is a floater its made that way to make fine adjustments to make the frame fit the body. During shipping it probaly got jambed in place. need to give it a few whacks to losen it up then place a bolt in it to keep it floating until you bolt it on.
Ahhhh, yes! Thanks guys. I will definitely look into this. From the way it looked to me, that is probably the case. All I really did was unpack it from the box and look at it yesterday, didn't really have time to mess around with it too much.

The frame is in my dad's garage, where the paint booth is set-up. Unfortunately, I had to go 100 miles back to my home and back to work today.
I'll check it out this coming weekend when I'm up there and let you know if that plate "floats"

Thanks again,
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1. Just be darned carefull,

2. Windshield Frames are " One size fits all..."
3. Often the glass and the opening in the frame don't fit....
4. When the gasket is installed,
5. You could end up cracking the glass.
6. In most cases with aftermarket windshield frames,
7. You have to either grind the glass smaller,
8. Or grind the opening larger.
9. You have been warned.
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Thanks for the warning.

I was planning on letting the local Auto Glass Specialists install the glass. Then I would install the frame. Do you think I should install the frame first, then bring it in to the glass place?

Anyone else out there had glass fitment issues?
I've got an aftermarket frame (about 5 years ago) and the glass + new rubber was very tight to say the least. Had the glass out this summer to reseal it as I had quite a few leaks.... Man did I swear getting it back in there!! Personally I found it easier to fit the glass with the frame fitted so you've got your hands free to pull the glass in with a cord. There is no way I could have done it with the frame off the Jip.
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