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Winch mounting

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OK, let's assume I actually get the winch from /wwwthreads_images/icons/blush.gif Closest I could come to a moon guy
holding his breath 'cause I'm not. How do I keep somebody from stealing it. Best thought I've had is to
weld off the bolt heads after I mount it. Anybody got any better ideas. Oh, for the 50's & early '60's
when you drooped your car keys on the floor of the car and most people didn't even have keys to their
house. Maybe a slap on the wrist is not a deterrent.
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I have to weld the parts on my irrigation motors!

80 CJ7 lifted 4"
98 KX250
If you are going with a channel mount, wheel locks on the bolts that hold the channel to the mounts work.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
Holy cow....I never even thought about somebody stealin a winch of the front of a vehicle!!! Everyone I know here in NY just has them bolted on to their jeeps and they are fine never had any problems! Is it bad out west?? Do these things get stolen often??

must have some strong backed thieves in yer area. are you parking near gold's gym?

I just got my winch yesterday & was thinking of welding small pieces of angle over the bolts. Does anyone else have a better solution?

I think we don't worry about anyone stealing our winches in New York because if you can steel the whole car why bother with just the winch.

A little NY humor here....

John C.

BTW: my softtop CJ7 has been parked outside for the past three years here in Queens NY. You New Yorkers don't even think of trying to steal it...I have a picture of my mother-in-law on the dashboard for protection.

[email protected]
I don't know if anyone has ever thought about stealing my winch, but for the price of a set of wheel locks it's worth the piece of mind.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
that is the preferred method. do not weld the bolts as you will weaken them. you could also find grade 5 tamper proof torx or allen bolts to use instead of hex bolts, but you will have to buy the tool to work with them as well.

build 'em don't buy 'em
why is there no mazda thread?
I feel left out.:p
OK, let's see if I can respond to all of the posts.

It's doubtful that anyone is going to steal my Jeep, it's got a huge Taz painted in the middle of the hood,
another on each side and one on the rear. I had a self-inflicted problem a couple weeks ago that left it
stranded on the interstate (no I didn't run out of gas, I was moving some wires around and got one too
close to the exhaust and it shorted out and burned through). I went by to get it towed and told him the
driver couldn't miss it because of the big Taz on the hood. He said, "That's brown and yellow isn't it?"
When the driver delivered it, he said, "Yeah, I saw you running around yesterday." If it gets stolen, It
won't be hard to follow the trail.

I've got a full set of Torx and Allen wrenches and so do the crooks, we've been using that trick since the
50's and even if they are slow, they've caught on to that by now.

I was only going to weld one corner of the bolt so no problem weakening it, we do it all the time. Might
just weld a small block beside it so it can't turn.

I bought the XD9000 which only weighs about 85 pounds. If I wanted one bad enough, I could carry it a
mile, but its easier to pull a truck up next to it and just through it in the back. Weight is not a deterrent,
we got a police call to tow a Cadillac on time with two D8 Caterpillar radiators in the trunk. The cop got
suspicious because he was driving with one blown out tire and the bumper was dragging the ground.

Wheel locks are not that hard to get off with those giant Channel-locks or a pipe wrench when they
don't have the wheel around them keeping you from getting a straight shot at it.

Lastly, I'm not THAT worried, just an ounce of prevention. I am mounting the winch in a recess in the
front bumper though, military truck style, and the bolts will be very easy to get at.

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Warn makes some sort of winch locking system, but I think it is like the wheel locks, but for a winch. Check their websight.

Taz... I guess the best you could do is to slow any would be thiefs down or make them think that it is too much work to steal.

My XJ was stolen in 1996. It is a terrible feeling. Fortunately, I got it back a week later 99% intact. /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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That's pretty much the idea of any anti-theft devices, just make the car parked next to you look like it
would take less effort. You cannot keep them from getting yours if they really want it.

One thing about using wheel locks or Warn winch locks on a channel mount. It would be HARDER to get to them than on a wheel.
Not much room.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
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