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We are very pleased to announce our newest sponsor - Shane Watts Dirt Wise Riding School. One lucky racer will win a FREE spot at one of his classes.

Offroad motorcycle racing legend Shane Watts has announced the confirmation of two of his wildly popular two day "Dirt Wise with Shane Watts" Academy of Offroad Riding Schools to be conducted in the Georgia and South Carolina regions in early 2010. The dates will be January 22/23 (Fri/Sat) in Nesmith, SC at Battery Park Offroad and February 19/20 (Fri/Sat) in Hull, GA. Both of these schools are conveniently located near the Sumter Hare Scramble and the National Enduro for those students who may be competing in these events. We will focus on conquering those specific trail situations that you will experience during the race and will also have a pressure washer available to clean your bike.

Watts stated, "The Dirt Wise with Shane Watts Academy of Offroad Riding is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and improve your skill level with offroad riding situations, whilst in a controlled environment and under expert guidance. The Dirt Wise Academy of Offroad Riding school is an exceptional learning institution that focuses on offroad specific riding situations and instruction, however the skills we teach apply to both offroad and motocross riding/racing."

The Dirt Wise Academy of Offroad Riding is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Battle of Atlanta race to be held on January 3, 2010 in Social Circle, GA. Each racer participating in this event will receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win a FREE spot at a Dirt Wise Riding school of their choice in either Nesmith, SC (January 22/23), or Hull, GA (February 19/20).

"We are stoked to support this upcoming event and give back to this awesome sport!"

Cost for the two day school is $350, with discounts available for previous students and extra family members.

A portion of each student's tuition fee is donated to the Blue Ribbon Coalition and the RiderDown Foundation.

Visit Shane Watts <> for more info on how to register for this school and to sign up for the periodical "Watts Happening" Newsletter, or to purchase Volume #1 (Mud, Sand, and Rough Ground technique) in the new Dirt Wise Advanced Instructional Riding DVD series, on sale now. Along with the original Dirt Wise Instructional DVD which covers over 25 different general Offroad riding skills and trail situations, there is also additional merchandise available to purchase on our website such as DirtBaby "track ready" baby apparel and more! Coming in March, 2010 will be the highly anticipated release of Volume #2 - Cornering, Braking, and Tight Trees!

Shane Watts and his Dirt Wise Academy of Offroad Riding schools and Instructional DVDs are supported by KTM Parts, KTM Accessories, KTM Motorcycles, KTM Gear, Dirt Tricks Sprockets and rotors, Fun Mart Cycles, Stillwell Performance Suspension, GPR Stabilizers, Ariete Goggles and Domino Grips from, IMS fuel tanks and footpegs, Fasst Co. Flexx Handlebars, Maxxis, and DeCal Works.
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