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I was out hitting the junkyards today, (maybe I should of listed that as a hobby) and I found a Willys Pickup but the bed was gone. The cab was in pretty good shape with only a couple small holes in the fenders nothing on the cab itself.
In talking with the owner he said that it was running last year and the PO just used it as a plow truck. The frame looked okay but I gotta be honest I did not climb all over/under it due to the bees being everywhere this year(yellow jackets). I will be going back to this yard so if anyone wants a picture of it I wll try and wrest the digcam from my wifes hands. I would love a willys but am in over my head with projects right now.

This yard would be located about midway between Rochester and Syracuse in NY.

This yard had a whole bunch of stuff right back into the 30s, I was like a kid at Disney.

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