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As some of you know, I am building a '51 Willy's. My neighbor has a wrecked wagoneer that I may get. My question is this, will the axles, tranny and t-case be strong enough. I intend on using it for basic 4xing, but it will see some rocks too. Would I be better off getting something different? And how much different is the frame? Could I use the frame off ofthe wagoneer? I realize in doing that, I would need to do some fender trimming.
I am sorry for all the question. This is my first project and my building buddy is moving. I am kind of in a panic that I wont be able to finish this with out him.

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The front axle should be a dana 44 so its strong enough. The rear axle would probably be a dana 20 with one piece axles, not sure on that one for strength, that would depend on who you talk to, or the rear could be a dana 44 also. Both axles are wider than what you have now. As for the frame its going to be strong enough for what you have in mind. If the wagon has a chrysler 727 it will handle about anything you throw at it. I do beleive that from what I've read on this forum that some of the transfers are marginal. As for the frame diff, get your tape meas and start measuring. Steve


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well the frame is mucho big.. but the drive line.. would be mucho big for a willy's.. front should be a 44.. the back is either a amc 20, or could be a 44.. but if it is quadra trac.. has the off set rear end.. aviod it.. you cant get true 4wd out of it.. no lockers.. the front axle would be good.. but the transfer case and rear end wouldnt work.. and the axle are waaaaaaay wide.. and i know.. wider is better.. and taller is cooler.. lol.. here's too you!!

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