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will this tire fit?

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i have a 79 cj7 with narrowtrac axles and 15x8 rims with 4" backspacing. has anyone else used 33x12.50's without any problems? i tried a friend's set of 35's and they rubbed the frame in the back and the front springs when turning. my 31's don't rub anywhere.

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What do you have in the way of lift? This will be the major determining factor.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
sorry, forgot to mention the suspension. i have a 4" spring lift, a shackle reversal which added about an inch and longer shackles in the rear to level it out. the 35's did not rub the body in the rear. in the front they rubbed the back of the fenderwell because of the shackle reversal. i'm just curious if anyone has used 33x12.50's with narrowtrac axles.

I ran 33X12.50 Swampers on narrow-trac axles with 15X8 rims. They will rub the springs when making tight turns. Rear's will be fine


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