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Will a CJ-7 tank fit into my \'72 Commando?

Howdy Folks!

I just discovered this BBS and I'm thrilled to find other Commando owners! They are so rare up here in Calgary.

I am wondering what y'all do for big gas tanks on your Commandos? Do you use the big CJ-7 tanks? What about those huge TrailQuest tanks? Do they fit?

I have no tank whatsoever and I need one bad. I'm installing a GM TBI 350 and this is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Will a CJ-7 tank fit into my \'72 Commando?

Seems like most of us have aftermarket Aero gas tanks. If you use the search feature on the bulletin board, it will clue you in on the best way to set yourself up with a new tank.
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