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Hi guys;
I'm looking for more Ford information for a possible swap into my Jeep again.

Chris Waterman out west put an np435/203/Dana20 combo into his YJ. The whole thing was only about 1 inch longer than his stock setup. In order to do it, he had to have a couple of shafts custom cut and splined and a couple of adapters custom made, which means he had access to (free) machine work I do not.

I searched the web and found out that Wild Horses makes a crawler kit ($1200 - ouch!)which does basically the same thing - puts an Np203 reduction box between an Np435 and a D20. The kit comes with a new main shaft for the 435, a new input shaft for the D20, and the adapters necessary to make it work.

Does anyone here have any experience with this kit? With Wild Horses? Are they reputable? If you have experience with the kit, could you tell me length of the resulting combo from the front of the tranny (where it bolts to the bellhousing) to the center of the D20 output yoke?

Thanks for any input.



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this is also one of my very down the road projects, to swap in a granny 4-speed with "Dual Transfercases" (it might never happen) I have no first hand experience with any of these so can't make a opinion, but here's some more dual Xfer links
you might already have these i just thought i'd add them, also here's my page i've started, my current idea is to use a Ford T-18(stock Jeep output shaft and adapter)Jeep Dana 20 (home made adaptor/shaft)Ford Dana 20. /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

My Jeep Page
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