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Wide tire fit question

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I have a narrow track CJ 7. I want to run 33x14.5 R 15 boggers, on 10 inch rims. I have 4" lift, TJ flares, and shackle reversal. Can I fit the wide super swamper boggers under my jeep without hitting the frame, or springs. I have not installed the TJ flares yet, but when I cut out the fenders, I should have plenty of clearance. Has anyone installed these tires on a narrow track? What backspacing is needed, and can it be done with a 10" rim or would going to a 12" rim help. Someone please help me out here if you can. I want to buy the rims and tires as a package (through mail order), and it would really suck to get them shipped, and have them not fit. Respond, or email me at [email protected]

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I run 33x12.50 TSL on a 15 x 8 with 3.75" back spacing on narrow track axles.
(I know not what you asked, but I can offer some experience re: rubbing..)

My setup is a 83 CJ7 with narrow track axles from a 75 CJ5. In the rear when the tire was stuffed, it would rub the frame rail and the inner wheel well.
(I fixed this with 1.5" spacers, but these are a temporary solution)

In the front, I rub the front of the springs at full lock. You can adjust the steering stops to prevent this. When stuffed, I rub the top of the shock mount (I have the tall shock mounts..) and the inner fender well.

I suspect you will have similar issue. These are annoyances, not show stoppers.

Jim O'Brien
[email protected]
My jeep page
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