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Anyone running a wide axle rear and a narrow front?

I have a set of Dana44 from a 74 scout sitting in my garage. I am not planning on cutting these down and I am eventually planning on going SOA. In the meantime, I was thinking of throwing the rear 44 on (assuming that it is the same ratio as the front), giving a wide rear and narrow front. Eventually I will rebuild the front and go SOA.

Will I experience any problems running a wide rear and narrow front?

Mark F


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I know some guys who've done exactly what you say, although their "temporary" situation became "permanent". I know of no problems they faced as a result, but then again they weren't my machines.


P.S. I did just the opposite a few years back. Had an original 44 rear from a '74 CJ5 geared 3.73 & a 44 front from a Scout geared 3.54. I ran 38X12.50's on 10" rims on the front & 38.5X16's on 15X15's on the rear. The overall width was a fuzz wider in the back & the ratio worked out real nice.

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I have a rear scout in my 84 7' now and installed it with a detriot.
There are some pretty strange quiks but I don't if it's the wider rear
or the locker. From what I've heard for others is that the "plowing"
feeling is from the locker. For example when I make a slight turn
the jeep wants to go straight and I correct this by turning harder
into the turn. I thought it might be exagerated because of the wide
rear though.......

If you have an open diff I would think that it would be a big deal.

Go for it.....


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A guy I know here in Farmington is running an early Bronco Ford 9" in the rear and a stocker up front, I haven't heard of any bad

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)

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I bought my '80 CJ with an '83 CJ rear end, this was done by the dealership. The former owner, who I
still work with, took it out to his brothers farm and plowed a field with it. Don't ask, I think some Bud
Light may have had something to do with it. Anyway, he burnt up the rear end and the dealership
replaced it under warranty with an '83 which was the current year. It's run that way ever since with no
problems other than that I ordered the wrong axles with my full floater kit because I thought he had told
me that the front was the '83.

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