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I've had a bunch of people ask me why I modify my Jeep so much I the best response is b/c I like taking it offroad. The problem is that with this next round of modifactions I'm starting to ask myself why. So why do we do this? It is fun but expensive. The only thing I can think of is it is the motor oil in my blood. What about you guys?

Tim Springer
1980 CJ7
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/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif Tim....there has never been a good answer for the "why" in customizing a vehicle. You recall my post defining "custom"...."If it has one take it off...if it doesn't have one...put one on...if it's low, raise it, if it's high, lower it.....if it's....well, you get the idea." I keep telling myself we are "overcoming" design deficiencies, like a poor heater and so forth; and to a certain extent we are; but we really cannot extend that to all of the mods we are doing. It get's right down to this, Tim....SUITABILITY. And since suitability is a subjective thing....different for each individual Jeeper....the Jeeps come out very different. We are building the ultimate SNOJEEP, which would be useless in certain "other" maybe extreme rock crawling...because we aren't geared all that low. So you see, Tim, it's SUITABILITY, and that's really the basis for most mods, "suitability" being strictly in the mind of the owner-beholder./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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JEEPS are an exprension of ourselves.. we modify this great vehicle so it (as dave puts it) to suit are individual needs and desires... depending on what each person wants to do with his/her jeep.. we then make these beloved vehicles more like ourselves.. molding and shaping into that vision that we have at night while asleep...

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There's another reason too, and it's is kind of devious. You cannot do certain modifications without doing others. A real simple one is tires. Forget all the "extensions of self", "need to modify" and such. NO, am not saying they are wrong. Just forget them for just a moment. Let's say you have a want or a real need for large tires - 35's or better. You can't do just the tires. Have to change gears to make the tires work. Have to change axles to make the gears and tires work. Have to change suspension to make the gears and tires and axles work. And on and on and on until finally you have most of your original tub and maybe the engine left of the original, and all the rest has been modified or swapped out.

Doug '97 TJ
Creator of the CBrack
For me, it's a quest for knowledge (how can I do it). It's pride also. I like to look at my work and say, I did it all myself. I like to say, I did it this way because... despite what others would say and think, it can be done. It's the feeling of success that drives me the most!

My driving force is pretty basic. I like to drive my Jeep up hills that take you to the edge of wetting your pants, through off camber trails that would twist a normal vehicles frame like silly putty, and drive over rocks the size of Volkswagons. I love to push the limits of my vehicle and I truly enjoy the act of buildding it to suit my needs. I just helped a friend put a lock rite in his Toyota today. Quick job, about an hour and a half. That little bit of wrenchin' made the rest of the day good. Damn I love building four by fours!

it must be a sickness and I don't want to be cured!

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I like the fun of it, all of it. I like taking the jeep places nothing else will go. I like the fun of being with friends, who have similar interests. I like learning about vehicles and knowing I can rely on myself and not pay someone else to fix the vehcile (big self esteem builder). I like the feeling of getting into dangerous places but knowing I'm safe about it at the same time. Ask them this, what do they like to do and why, then they'll understand. "It's a Jeep thing, BUILD one and understand"

'81 CJ-8 Scrambled!
GM151/SM465/NP205 twinstick/7"Lift/33"TSL's/IHC D44's 4.10's Lock'd
i just cant get enough of that dirty-caked-in-mud feeling...its One of a Kind!!!! :) j/k

For me, It's know that i can..its knowing that my Jeep can.....and its being able to look down (literally) on all other SUV's :) Its a great feeling pulling up in a monster jeep to pull some guy in a Geo Tracker from a ditch on a snowy day....ah the memories

1985 CJ7

Jeep'n Greg
Why? Because you're never satisfied to do "just enough" and you know that there is no such thing as "perfection". When it gets as good "as it can get", you'll think up a way to make it better.


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in the words of Tim Taylor "MORE POWER"

sometimes we just cant leave things alone.

Good things come to those who do research!!
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