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I'm new here.

I'm in the market for a new vehicle and am doing as much asking and reading as I can, so if you don't mind can anyone share with me why you got the Liberty and not the X?

I'm looking at both and feel like I'm in a jam...

What to do...



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xterras are under powered and weak for a IFS compared to a libby, in fact the only IFS that compares to the strength of the libby is toyota. interiors are a judgement call, but the libby's interior is probably one of the best JEEp has ever came out with.

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My Mom has an Xterra and my Sister has a Liberty and there is no comparison. The Xterra is gutless even with the V-6 and it feels top heavy. It has more cargo space than the Liberty but the Liberty is very "peppy" and I was winding it out through some deep sand and jumping it (don't tell my sister) and it took it like a champ. I felt I could take it anywhere where as the Xterra I felt uneasy everywhere I went off road. Plus...the Liberty IS a JEEP!

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Oh, I'll be the bad guy...

My father had a Liberty for a while. I almost bought one too. The V-6 wasn't impressive, and his suffered from major road drift. Even after new tires, and a couple of front end alignment checks, it wouldn't track on the hwy without constant input. An independent review noted the same issue. Don't know if it's still an issue, or just the year he had his.

I ultimately bought an Xterra. The comment about it being underpowered is a joke. Maybe on prior years, but in 2005, they put in a monster 4.0L engine. This engine pumps out 265 HP, 284 ft-lbs of torque. Put your foot in it, it sounds like a race car, and dusts most everything around, including my 2006 Jeep Unlimited.

I wouldn't refer to the Xterra engine as "peppy". It's got more guts than most V-8s I've ever owned. Drive one yourself, you'll see what I mean. That's the main reason it keeps getting awards.

I like my current Jeep too, and my previous 04 Sahara, so I'm not a brand snob. Drive a Liberty, Drive an Xterra. See what you like better. Both have things going for them.
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