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I've talked to several custom cylinder manufacturers and they will make custom cylinders, but only if I can get a quantity of 50 or more. They will make the exact cylinder we need for a cheap (dollar wise), but high quality setup. The specific dimensions are 1.25" bore, 8" stroke (perfect for most D44's, D60's, and 10bolts), with 5/8" rod. I figure $30 for hydraulic hose and fittings (2 hoses), $15 for a small chunk of aluminum and a shop to weld it to the end of the steering box, $20 for the proper pipe tap, $40 for welding on extension to power steering pump (for extra fluid), and $40 for welding tabs on to axle and tie rod to mount cylinder. If you or a friend can do the welding and have scrap available and pipe tap, it would cost you a couple hours of time and $30 for hoses plus the cost of the cylinder. If I can get 50 who want them and get the cylinders for $100 bucks or so, would people be interested. That's a total cost of $130 for parts plus time if you have the know-how and tools or $250-$300 if you don't. Please only reply if you are seriously interested, so I can count, or PM me.

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