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Who stole the leg room?

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Would like to upgrade from a 94 Cherokee to 2000 vintage mid-jeep. Tried to test drive a 2000 "Sport", there is more leg room on my lawn tractor then this jeep ! I could of used my knees to operate the turn signals.

My 94 as more than ample leg room for my 6'4" self.

Does anyone know when the jeep mid-size models lost the leg room, and do any of the later models 99-2001(classic, limited,etc.) offer more leg room.

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Had similar problem.

Resolution was:
remove seat
remove tab that limits rearward seat movement
cut another notch or two in the seat adjuster slide rails (used Dremel type tool & cutoff disc)

Gained another inch or so of legroom for front... but fo course - that was lost in the rear.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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